10 Best Cloud Server Hosting For WordPress

Are you looking for the best Cloud hosting for WordPress site? If yes, then you are in the right place to get the exact details that you prefer to get! 

The Cloud hosting operates the Cloud servers that have more stable performance than the physical servers.

It is not only the advanced hosting but it also more reliable & flexible type that has combined resources to handle the traffic spikes.

If you’re a dedicated blogger or business who would like to grow your WordPress site inevitably, then you should get the Cloud service providers without any second thought. 

I have already explained the benefits of Cloud hosting in a detailed manner, and now taken a nice opportunity to reveal some of the best cloud hosting providers for WordPress through this post! 

Before getting into the topic, let me summarize the merits of Cloud hosting so that you could understand its elegance!

Key Benefits Of Cloud Hosting Service

You should consider getting the cloud hosting to leverage the below benefits!

  • No downtime
  • Highly scalable
  • More affordable
  • Easily manageable
  • Fast, Stable & Reliable
  • Environment-Friendly
  • No security disturbance
  • No Upfront charges (pay only for the resources that you use)
  • SSD Servers for optimal speed (Some best cloud server hosting companies use SSD instead of HDD)

And Much More!

Top 10 Cloud WordPress Hosting Providers

You might think, What is WordPress Cloud hosting? 

As the WordPress CMS is getting popular among the business owners, most of the top cloud hosting providers optimize their cloud servers specifically for WordPress like pre-installing or 1-click WordPress install, provide daily WordPress backups, offers free upgrades and support for the WP users. 

best cloud hosting for wordpress

Let me begin the list with my favorite cloud hosting provider!

Note: I use the 1st, 5th and lastly listed cloud hosting companies for my WordPress sites right now! I have used the other services in the past and got few for my client websites.  

Cloudways - Best Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting

Cloudways is my most preferred Cloud server for WordPress, and yes, I use it for my blogs that earn a consistent income every month. 

The most admirable quality of this company is that it is an entirely managed WordPress cloud hosting for optimal performance. We don’t need to handle the technical aspects as the support team will take care of everything. 

If you host your WordPress site in Cloudways, then it is sure that your site will be fast, secure and also perfectly optimized for growth. 

Make sure to check the exciting features of this fast cloud hosting!

  • Multiple cloud infrastructure
  • SSD based to get high SERP results
  • 25+ data centers around the globe
  • Smart auto-scalable with no downtime Git Integration for developers
  • CloudwaysBot to provide the real-time performance insights
  • Sophisticated firewalls & Managed Security
  • ThunderStack Cache recipe for the lightning-fast load 
  • Multiple Databases, Add-ons, and Apps support 
  • Easy & Automated Migration through Plugin (Free migration for 1 site by the tech support)
  • 1-Click Restore, Backup, Scaling, Free SSL, and Domain Mapping
  • WP-CLI pre-installed and access through SSH
  • World-class premium customer support 

Awesome qualities, isn’t it? I’m impressed a lot with these highlights of Cloudways!

A2 Hosting - Cheap Cloud Hosting For WordPress

If you are looking for the fine-tuned Cloud hosting solutions for WordPress, then your choice should be the Cloud VPS of A2 Hosting. Yes! You can experience the high-performance SwiftServer platform with SSD drives. 

I’m not personally using it, but I have suggested for few of my web design clients who sought for the cheap Cloud hosting for WordPress that could make the site load blazing fast, and they are satisfied with the server quality.

You’ll only be paying for the used resources which is a must-have Cloud-based hosting feature that most of the site owners seeking for.

The Awesome Features of A2 Cloud hosting are

  • 300% faster SSD servers
  • Design Your Perfect Cloud
  • Easy to set up, Award Winning Control Panel 
  • Cloud Disaster Recovery 
  • Root & SSH Access
  • Resize Cloud VM on demand
  • Easily Customizable Configurator tools 
  • Highly scalable & Reliable
  • Linux OS options
  • FutureServe Green Hosting
  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee

SiteGround Cloud Hosting

For the high-traffic business site, getting the scalable cloud hosting plan of SiteGround would be a wiser choice! Like Cloudways, it is also one of the best-managed cloud hosting providers with the auto-scalable feature. 

There is no doubt that they make your site faster and safer through the SSD drives, latest speed technologies, and firewall securities. 

If you’re new to WordPress, you can make use of their in-depth tutorials, free themes, and speed optimization guide to understand the CMS and use it comfortably. 

The Fantastic qualities of SiteGround’s Cloud hosting plan are

  • VIP customer support
  • Blazing Speed Server Daily Backup (7 days consecutive backups)
  • Free CDN with 5 Data centers
  • Staging for WordPress
  • Git Integration
  • Auto-Updates (Web-Scripts)
  • WHM & CPanel
  • Free SSL & Private DNS
  • Free Domain Name

BlueHost Cloud Hosting

Do you know that the Bluehost, one of the traditional hosting services for WordPress offers cloud hosting packages at affordable prices?

Yes! If you’re a Bluehost fan, you may get or switch to its Cloud servers that can be made bigger without worrying about the reboot and downtime issues. 

Since the Bluehost Cloud package has the Failover technology and data mirroring to handle the hardware issues, it is more secure, authentic and best cloud hosting for WordPress.

The fabulous upsides of Bluehost Cloud hosting are 

  • Instant Scaling
  • High-speed & Good uptime
  • Advanced CDN & Integrated Cache
  • Automated Backup & Migration
  • Up to 8 GB RAM available
  • 30 Days Money Back Policy

Digital Ocean Hosting

You might wonder, Is Digital Ocean is a good hosting for WordPress?

My Answer – Absolutely, Yup!

Digital Ocean is an excellent Cloud-based web hosting provider which is simple to use. It is one of my favorite cloud hosting for WordPress as it lets me work along with my team by giving the setting access permission. 

I have signed up through my friend’s affiliate to create the Droplet and didn’t pay anything for the first two months. I like this fully managed cloud service and high availability of storage. 

Setting up the Droplet is quite easy, and you will get the root access under 1 minute in this cheap Cloud server for WordPress. I’m glad to be the user of Digital Ocean Cloud hosting service and managing my infrastructure without any interruption.

Have a look at the breathtaking features of Digital Ocean

  • SSD Cloud storage
  • Fault tolerant for lightning fast network
  • In-depth WordPress tutorials
  • Straightforward Pricing plans
  • Monitor performance at no cost
  • Big community

Rackspace Cloud Hosting

Rackspace is one of the leading managed cloud providers because of offering an ideal cloud solution to the business sites. It scales and secures the data at the cloud platform with the help of powerful resources and technical expertise.

If you have or plan to have the high-traffic WordPress website, then getting the noiseless neighbor cloud server hosting from Rackspace would let you enjoy the stress-free hosting environment.

Here, you will get the full developer control so that you can get the root-level access to the cloud servers to maintain the infrastructure as per your requirements. Thus, it is most suitable for SAAS – Software as a Service platform people.

The amazing characteristics of Rackspace Cloud WordPress hosting are

  • Easy to begin
  • More flexible
  • Ultra fast Easy scaling
  • Unrestricted root access
  • SSD high-performance storage
  • Automatic WordPress updates & backup

Liquid Web Cloud Hosting

For more than 20 years, the Liquid web has been surviving in the hosting industry by providing the widest choice of products for the business owners, developers, designers and the WordPress site owner like you!

The company promises that they can give the most helpful humans in hosting and thus you can assume about the extensive customer support.

It has several Cloud hosting plans like Cloud VPS, Cloud dedicated, and Private Cloud with 100% scalability and 0% space sharing.

Check the favorable points of Liquid Web Cloud hosting plans

  • Redundant Cloud Platform
  • Site-wide caching integration
  • Free/Automatic migration
  • WP-CPanel
  • One-Click Backup option
  • Malware Monitoring & DDoS protection
  • CDN & effective load balancers

FastComet Cloud Hosting

FastComet is the emerging hosting company in the industry that you can trust for the reliability. It offers the fully managed SSD Cloud VPS hosting with 7 days money back guarantee.

The SSD and 5-level cache mechanisms make your site load super fast and hence I would say that it is the best Cloud hosting for WordPress.  You can scale the resources any time without any downtime, IP address change, data loss and service interruption.

As the cloud hosting of FastComet is specifically optimized for WordPress, you will reap several benefits and establish your site effortlessly. 

You must view the spectacular values of FastComet Cloud VPS hosting  

  • Quick server deployment
  • Dynamic cPanel Cloud hosting
  • Completely scalable & full root access
  • Automated daily & weekly backups
  • Free web & CSF firewall
  • Free application upgrades
  • Excellent customer support

1&1 Cloud Hosting

The 1&1 company also offers the exceptional managed cloud hosting for WordPress users. You can customize the stack by selecting the server, data center, scripting language, and essential applications that you need! 

You are allowed to use the dedicated resources and modify with the billing instantly. So, here you will get the great convenience and maximum flexibility for your business projects.

The 1&1 cloud hosting packages are affordable and easy to use as well. Thus and hence I have recommended it to my clients without any hesitation.

Some of the eye-catchy features of 1&1 managed cloud hosting are

  • SSD Storage
  • Flexible Load Balancing
  • Firewall & 1&1 SSL Security
  • Software development kits (suitable for Programmers)
  • Reasonal plans (value for money)
  • Highly Scalable High secured data centers

Hostgator Cloud Hosting

Last but not the least! It is Hostgator Cloud – One of the best WordPress cloud hosting. I am a fan of Hostgator hosting as it gives me enormous resources for the just low cost.

Not only the cost, but the fastest hosting is also my preference! Hostgator Cloud is 2X faster and 4X scalable. It will make your site load ultra fast, and when you grow, you can ramp up the resources without any downtime or reboots.

I like the intuitive dashboard for all-in-one management and total control for resource handling. The only one downside of Hostgator cloud is that you have to purchase the SSL for the primary cloud plans.

Note: Get 2 or 3 years plan and get the maximum discount!

The remarkable aspects Of HostGator Cloud Hosting that you should know

  • Free Domain Privacy
  • Multiple Servers
  • Fast Stable Loading Servers
  • Ultra-Cheap Cloud hosting
  • Optimal cache configuration
  • Failover and Data mirroring to ensure safety and redundancy

I have written a detailed HostGator Cloud Hosting Review for WordPress users so that it would help you know its unique features.

Final Verdict About Excellent Cloud WordPress Hosting Companies

Cloud Hosting Is Simple, Scalable & Speedy

Yes! It is unbeatable due to its advanced features and beneficial characteristics in the hosting industry. I’m sure that you will adore its less complex architecture. 

Involving several machines to host a site, the Cloud hosting spreads the load and reduces the potential faults.

Moreover, the resources can be adjusted according to the demand and hence you will get the seamless performance here! 

So, what are you waiting for? Just buy the dedicated cloud server provider for your WordPress site and skyrocket its performance and growth.

Did I miss to mention any other best cloud hosting for WordPress? If yes, let me know in the comment section!

Also, stay tuned for the Cloud hosting reviews and comparisons to get the best and appropriate service for your website! 


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