6 Cheap Cloud Hosting For WordPress To Buy In 2020 & Beyond

So, you are searching for the cheap cloud hosting for WordPress to manage your monetary problem, right? You have arrived at the right place to buy the best cloud hosting service for your business site.  

Finding and finalizing the right WordPress hosting for your business is truly complicated. We all look for a good web hosting available at affordable prices.

Among all the platforms, WordPress is famous for creating websites across the globe. This is why many top companies offer WordPress for their business.

One of the best options for WordPress site is cloud hosting; you don’t need to worry about the slow down, uptime, and resource allocation during heavy traffic. Cloud hosting enables multiple resource sharing on numerous servers. You need to pay only for the used resources.

Hence, cloud hosting is considered as one of the most cost-effective ways for WordPress budding site owners. The performance is reliable and impressive. Apart from the performance and price, you also must keep a check on other vital features like security, auto backup technical support, resource management, etc.

6 Low-Cost WordPress Cloud Hosting For Best SEO Performance

Below are the best cheap cloud hosting for WordPress that would not let your site at any cost! You may get any suitable service without any second thought! 

1. Cloudways

Cloudways is undoubtedly the most preferred WordPress low priced hosting for newbies. It enables seven non-technical people to build their website; the one-click feature allows website building without any hassle. The plans are inexpensive and loaded with excellent features.

If you own a WordPress website, Cloudways helps in easy deploying, managing, and cost-effectively monitoring the site. You need to pay $10 each month to access 1 GB RAM, 25 GB storage, and 1 TB of bandwidth. Cloudways is the most inexpensive hosting choice for all the budding site owners.

Highlights Of Cloudways

  • Super-fast page loading to boost SEO.
  • 1 Click feature for accessible website building and managing — a boon for budding site owners.
  • High network security and auto backup to prevent loss of critical data and files.
  • High-speed processor to increase the website speed.
  • It offers 99.9% uptime to the WordPress website. No more worries about website shutdown.

2. ChemiCloud 

ChemiCloud – Are you hearing this cloud hosting for the first time? Well, it is a new player in the industry that is going to rock soon with its exceptional features. You will get the best hosting experience from the fast, secure and reliable cloud hosting service. 

It is an easy-to-use cloud hosting with transparent pricing plans. You could make a lightning-fast website with solid-rock security. ChemiCloud has better features than its competitors like BlueHost, DreamHost and Godaddy. It is one of the best cheap cloud hosting for WordPress business sites that would let you reach a new milestone. 

Highlights of ChemiCloud

  • Free lifetime domain registration
  • Free daily backups
  • Free SSL & site migration
  • 7 different data centers across the globe
  • Free CDN from Cloudflare for super-fast performance
  • Unlimited bandwidth and email accounts
  • 24 * 7 Top-notch support
  • 45-days money-back guarantee 

3. HostGator Cloud

When you talk about the fast, reliable, and affordable cloud web hosting option for newbies, HostGator Cloud tops the chart. A feature-loaded web hosting that inexpensively offers excellent uptime. WordPress and HostGator Cloud is the best combo to run a website.

The primary plan of this cheap WordPress cloud hosting with exciting features can be availed by paying a reasonable price every month. Since they are well-established, they are looking for ways to improve further and offer a better service for their clients. 

Highlights Of HostGator Cloud

  • The overall page loading speed of HostGator Cloud web hosting is two times faster.
  • HostGator Cloud promises 100 % uptime, and this is why it is considered as the most prefeed WordPress web hosting.
  • The auto-update features help to detect and remove spam and viruses. Your website remains a safe place for visitors.
  • Scalability of the resources based on need and traffic.
  • HostGator offers budgeted plans. The technical support team is highly responsive and can be reached via call, live chat, and email.

4. Interserver

If you are looking for a feature-rich and low-cost WordPress hosting, Interserver is the right option for beginners. The cPanel needs no technical understanding, and a one-click setup enables you to develop your website. The website runs on VPS, offer resources allocating to maximize the website function and efficiency.

Pay a few bucks each month and avail feature-rich cloud hosting for your website. That includes free website migration, easy to use cPanel, optimized speed, and unlimited storage space.

Highlights Of Interserver

  • Easy to use cPanel to manage multiple servers effortlessly.
  • The plans are excellent, loaded with features, and available at affordable rates. You can avail of a full refund if you are not happy with the services.
  • Robust features like reboot free updates and auto back up make your site reliable.
  • High-performance storage that works 20 times faster than the regular SATA disk.
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime and reduced bounce rate.

5. Go4Hosting

Go4Hosting is an established name when it comes to trustworthy WordPress low priced hosting providers. The Go4Hosting is the synonym for quality, reliability, and best technical support. The resources can expand as per the requirement. No worries about the excess cost as you are not investing in any hardware or resources.

The Go4Hosting basic plans is highly reasonable and they include unlimited space, massive traffic, and technical support.

Highlights Of Go4Hosting

  • Experience enhanced service uptime to boost the WordPress website. Say goodbye to the website shutdown.
  • Go4Hosting offers a high level of network and data security to ensure all the files and folders are highly confidential. Features like firewall applications and encryption make it a reliable cloud web hosting for WordPress.
  • Go4Hosting comes with excellent infrastructure and scalability of resources.
  • Features like auto backup and disaster recovery facilities offer complete protection to confidential data.
  • 24*7 availability of the technical support team to solve all your queries and issues.

6. Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean web hosting for WordPress is a reliable and cheap choice to manage high traffic website. You have the liability for selecting the server space, hardware, and software. This web hosting promises a low bounce rate and high uptime which is 99.9 %.

Excellent infrastructure, budget-friendly plans, and robust features make it the best hosting for WordPress. The basic plans of Digital Ocean start at just $5 per month. The best choice for newbies, you can avail 250 GB storage and 1 TB of outbound transfer that also includes CDN.

Highlights Of Digital Ocean

  • It comes with a brilliant cluster deployment feature to manage the WordPress website. Even a newbie can get started without any technical skills.
  • One-click application to efficiently deploy, manage, and monitor the resources.
  • Easy scaling of resources based on the traffic spike.
  • Global image transfer, easy cPanel, and solid-state drives.
  • Responsive customer care team to solve the queries as soon as possible.

Wrapping Up

Managed Cloud hosting is highly preferred by all the new businesses to create, manage, and monitor the website. If you are a budding site owner, cloud hosting is the best choice for a WordPress website.

As you look for a high performing, responsive, and cheap cloud hosting for your website, you can scroll through these inexpensive packages and design your website with incredible scalability and uptime.

These low-cost cloud hosting choices would help your business to grow and take care of the fluctuating requirements in an efficient way. It is the best thing that you invest in your business growth. 

From the list of cheap cloud hosting for WordPress, I highly recommend the Cloudways and ChemiCloud cloud hosting service to boost your site performance.  


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