ChemiCloud Hosting Review: Pros & Cons Of Using ChemiCloud

What is the reason for writing the ChemiCloud hosting review? Why I’m recommending this new player in the industry? Let me answer the questions without any delay!

  • Speed
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Free Lifetime Domain

These are significant upsides of ChemiCloud hosting. Hence, it is best suitable for the dedicated business websites that require a strong online presence to establish its foot on the web.

Getting the above four qualities from a single hosting provider is a tricky thing, and that too, with the affordable pricing plans.

I have tested numerous cloud hosting companies since this blog was launched a couple of years back.

And now, my choice has been made to use ChemiCloud hosting service for my side project.

No doubt, the ChemiCloud is emerging fast through its exceptional qualities!

Let me tell you the exciting outline through my unbiased ChemiCloud hosting review as a customer. Based on my experience, I would like to mention its pros and cons, so that you will be able to decide whether to buy a hosting plan for your business site or not!

Disclaimer Note: This review is based on the information that I have collected from a test site hosted at ChemiCloud hosting. My personal opinion may conflict with others’ feedback.

ChemiCloud – Intro


ChemiCloud is relatively a new service that offers a wide range of hosting plans with clear pricing plans. 

Having more than ten years of hosting experience, the passionate professionals in the company fulfill the requirements of the customers, and it is their top priority.

Free Features Of ChemiCloud

You should know the list of Free Features offered by ChemiCloud. I’m sure you will get excited and would like to go with a suitable hosting plan.

1. Free SSL Certificates

All the hosting plans of ChemiCloud has a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt to activate https protocol for extra security and get SEO benefit as well.

2. Free Lifetime Domain

When you sign up for the hosting plan, you can register a new domain and use it for free as long as you use the hosting service.

3. Free Daily Backups

Getting daily backup for free is a notable quality of ChemiCloud. This is an unseen feature even in well-established hosting services like Cloudways and SiteGround. Yes, they charge an amount for offsite backup storage.

4. Free Website Migration

The migration team will move your website within just an hour without any interruption. They will handle with care to avoid the downtime issue, and you don’t need to pay anything for the file transfer process.

5. Free CDN

Site loading speed is one of the Google ranking factors, and hence, they partnered with Cloudflare to offer the free CDN service for you. Your website will load blazing fast with the improved server response time

6. Unlimited Email

With ChemiCloud hosting, you don’t need to bother about the Email blacklisting as they have associated with Mailchannels to deliver your emails to the recipients for free.

Pros Of ChemiCloud Hosting

So far, you had a look at the things available for free of cost, and now, you should understand the advantages of the ChemiCloud hosting company!

1. Transparent Pricing Plans

The most significant advantage of ChemiCloud is its open pricing plans. You can save 50% as a special price while signing up for a new plan. 

In ChemiCloud, you don’t need to worry about the confused and hidden pricing structure. The plans are straightforward, and you will be paying only for the resources you use. 

Getting unlimited bandwidth and email accounts along with the free domain for life, even from the starter plan, is a considerable pricing structure of the ChemiCloud hosting service.  

2. Speed


I’m pleased with the speed result of the ChemiCloud hosting service. Since they are empowering the data center with enterprise-grade SSD storage servers, you will get a fast loading website that could offer a fantastic user experience for your visitors.

Moreover, the company has been partnered with Cloudflare CDN to make your site load lightning fast. So, no matter where your readers are located. The company has realized that website speed is crucial to get high Google Rankings and win readers’ hearts.

You can adore the ultra-fast loading speed through their cutting-edge technologies like HTTP/2, PHP 7, LiteSpeed, premium hardware, and low-density servers.

The server response time of ChemiCloud is excellent, and it is indeed needed for us to rock on the search engine page results.

3. Performance (Uptime Result)

The site availability is vital for any business because it is related to reputation and search engine ranking. If your site often goes down, then you cannot take your business to the next level at any cost.

After using the WordPress hosting service of ChemiCloud for three months, I would like to recommend it for business sites and blogs. I got 100% uptime (you can see in the below screenshot) and performance boost with its stable SSD server.


They have executed a handful of strategies for the server consistency, and therefore, you don’t need to bother about the downtime error. Just sit back, relax, and track your site performance.

4. Security & Backup

A plethora of security features have implemented in ChemiCloud hosting that protects your site from Malware programs and intruding codes. Its solid-rock security has firewall rules to find out the potential malfunctions.

Proactive server monitoring will keep your content safe forever. Even the starter plan of ChemiCloud has a handful of secured features like Account Isolation, Network Firewall, Rebootless Secure Kernal, and CloudLinux OS.

When you go for higher pricing plans, you will get Malware detection and advanced firewall protection along with the Imnuify360 Proactive Defense for close-fitting site safety.

They take daily offsite backup and store them up to 30 days. You may restore anytime from the cPanel.

5. Customer Support

The tech support of any hosting service should be with top-notch quality, and their all-time availability should be prompt. We hardly reach them for a few glitches, and yes, they have responded well.

Someone is readily available on the live chat to solve the troubles. We didn’t wait for a long time in the queue and well assisted by the skilled professionals every time.

The WordPress experts helped us move my business site to ChemiCloud with any downtime concern.

As the team members are incredibly knowledgeable, I’m satisfied with the response of ChemiCloud customer support. I would tell that it is the best hosting experience I have ever had, hats off to their priority for the client requirements.

Cons Of ChemiCloud

I don’t see any significant downsides with the ChemiCloud Hosting service! There are only a few concerns like

  • No yearly/monthly pricing plans (You have to choose either 2-year or 3-year plan)
  • Renewal price is little-bit high
  • New player and hence it will take some time to gain the trust from the clients

ChemiCloud Hosting Types & Plans

ChemiCloud has different types of hosting services like Web Hosting (Shared Hosting), WordPress hosting, Reseller Hosting, and Cloud VPS hosting.

1. Web Hosting

The shared hosting of ChemiCloud has three different pricing plans

  • Web Hosting Starter – $3.95/Mo
  • Web Hosting Pro – $6.95/Mo
  • Web Hosting Turbo – $10.95/Mo


All the three pricing plans have essential features to host one website, and it can handle the monthly visits around 25000.

When you go for the higher pricing plans, then you will get a plethora of assets to improve the performance, tighten the security, and handle the unlimited email accounts.

2. WordPress Hosting

Like the Web Hosting Plans, the ChemiCloud WordPress hosting also has three different pricing plans.

  • WordPress Starter – $3.95/MO
  • WordPress Pro – $6.95/MO
  • WordPress Turbo – $10.95/MO


You will get all the basic features even in the starter plan along with the LiteSpeed WordPress Accelerator plugin, which is an all-in-one site acceleration solution.

If you are building a new business website, then you may make use of the free themes and plugins to make your site stunning and get automatic WordPress updates as well.

The WordPress Turbo plan of ChemiCloud has impressive features of speed like Memcached, Cloudflare Railgun, and 1-click staging feature for developers.

3. Cloud VPS

If you are looking for the best managed Cloud VPS hosting with reasonable pricing plans, then you should opt for any of the plans from the Cloud VPS hosting service of ChemiCloud.

Best Features Of ChemiCloud Cloud VPS Hosting

  • Highly scalable to upgrade the VPS
  • Fully managed and hence you can sit back, relax & focus on your business growth
  • Private Nameservers
  • 15-days money-back guarantee
  • Brute Force protection
  • Ultra-fast SSD servers for high-speed performance
  • Server Environment with NGINX Firewall and HTTP2 Support
  • Monthly plans are available

With the help of their 100% fully managed Cloud VPS service, you will get peace of mind and never need to worry about anything, including the server configuration.

ChemiCloud Cloud VPS offers four different pricing plans:

  • Iron – $79.95/Mo
  • Bronze – 119.95/Mo
  • Sliver – $199.95/Mo
  • Gold – $359.95/Mo


ChemiCloud Comparison

Check ChemiCloud Vs. HostGator, DreamHost, and GoDaddy!

Look at the comparison table; you can see that the ChemiCloud hosting is the best when it comes to Price, Security, Backup, Performance, and Site Migration.


ChemiCloud Reviews On Twitter

You can see the positive ChemiCloud reviews from the clients on Twitter. 



ChemiCloud Hosting – FAQ

1. Who owns ChemiCloud hosting service?

Ans: It is a US-based company that has been founded five years ago.

2. Which hosting plan should you get for your business site?

Ans: If you use WordPress CMS to handle your website, then it is better to get WordPress optimized cloud hosting plans.

3. Is free domain transfer available in ChemiCloud?

Ans: Yes! If you already own a domain, you can transfer it for free to ChemiCloud, and you don’t need to pay the renewal charge every year. 

4. Can you create a personalized email address? 

Ans: Yes, you can make a customized email address for free.

5. Which OS powered the ChemiCloud servers?  

Ans: The servers are being powered by CloudLinux to ensure the stability and security of the overall hosting server. 

6. Will you get SSH access?

Ans: SSH access in ChemiCloud is disabled by default. However, you can enable the feature by sending the request to the customer support team. 

Why ChemiCloud Hosting?

Let me summarize the key features of ChemiCloud Hosting so that it would help to make the right hosting decision!

  • Easy-to-use hosting with user-friendly features
  • Transparent & Affordable pricing plans with no hidden fees
  • 45 days money-back guarantee with no questions asked
  • Get a free brand-new domain for lifetime
  • Intuitive control panel with a mobile-friendly client area
  • Top-class security with two-factor authentication
  • Super speedy SSD servers for lightning-fast performance
  • Team of dedicated professionals works around the clock for customer priorities
  • A lot of free qualities that are not offered by competitors.


As an enthusiastic digital entrepreneur who has more than a decade of web experience by handling several business blogs and client websites, I would like to suggest you get a cloud hosting service to perform well and surpass your competitors. 

Even though ChemiCloud is the new player in the hosting industry, its promising features are exceptional that would help our business move to the new heights. 

I have mentioned the free qualities of ChemiCloud, which are not offered even by the big hosting providers. You may utilize these benefits and get a substantial rock performance boost. 

So, what is your thought about my ChemiCloud hosting review? Would you like to give this Cloud hosting a try? As they offer 45 days money-back guarantee, you may get and use the service and let us know your feedback. 


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