Simple Yet Effective Buying Guide For WordPress Hosting

In this simple buying guide, I’ll help you choose best hosting for WordPress through my five years of online experience. 

WordPress is a flexible content managing platform; there is no doubt in that!

It attracts most of the business owners to create the website and market their product/service comfortably. 

When we come to the WordPress hosting part, buying the best one is a hectic task! 

How to get the best WordPress hosting and How to find a trustworthy hosting company for WordPress CMS are the million dollar questions!

Yes, there exists a huge number of companies, and everyone claims that they are the best in offering the reliable service.

Let’s begin!

After performing several experiments, I have compiled the major factors to consider in choosing the appropriate hosting for WordPress sites. 

You Might Ask,

Do Free Web Hosting Worth Trying?

Absolutely No!

I would never recommend anyone to go with the free WordPress web hosting services as it is a silent trap that one may suffer in the future.

They are being created to target the beginner level site owners who seek for the cheap hosting for WordPress.

There are several drawbacks in trying the free web hosting packages. However, not all the free web hosting company are bad. 

I experienced several hassles while choosing a free web hosting service in my earlier phase of blogging and internet marketing! 

Some of the disadvantages of using free hosting services are listed below.

  • Injection of Advertisements without any notification.
  • Huge risk of data being theft at any time due to no proper monitoring.
  • Frequent server down because of sharing the server with other sites.
  • Worst customer support
  • Loss of potential customers/visitors due to slow loading website.
  • Limited features and risk of malware attacks.
  • No SSL functionality and much more.

So, instead of getting the no cost service, try to get at-least the best cheap WordPress hosting that would perform better than the freebie.

Beginner Checklist For Buying The Excellent WordPress Hosting

There are several criteria to be taken into the account while purchasing the exact hosting for your WordPress website/blog.

Note: If you haven’t bought any domain name, then you should buy them before choosing the web hosting. Some of the hosting providers offer the free domain for the first year or as long as you use their service. 



You might think, how much do I need to spend for WordPress hosting?

Yes, the price is the first thing that comes to the mind while deciding to choose the web hosting. You may need to spend $5 to $10 per month, and it entirely depends on the server specifications that you require. 

If you’re making a website just to showcase your hobby or improve your writing/marketing skills, you may get the basic hosting plan. 

However, if you are serious about your business and in making profits, then your choice should be medium to high-level hosting plan.   

Up Time

Uptime – The running time of the server! The site uptime is more important because the unavailability of your business site would not only annoy you visitors but it also ruins the SEO.

No one likes the site that often goes down and yes, the search engines as well. So, if you get cheap WordPress hosting, you will be experiencing severe downtime issue, and it may be due to the hardware malfunction or software defects.

You may buy and test the hosting performance through the site and if you get good results with 99.9% or 100% Uptime, then don’t hesitate to continue with that web server hosting company


The hosting company that you are selecting should promise you about safety and monitoring of your hosting region. It is a must-have item in your checklist while considering any hosting package. 

Your site should be monitored 24 X 7 for Malware & brute force attacks through the server firewalls. 

Disk Space & Bandwidth

The storage space is one of the necessary things to be noted before grabbing any web hosting. You should know, how much disk space and bandwidth does your WordPress site needs! 

If you’re just blogging or a start up business, then you may get < 200 MB disk space and 2-5 GB Bandwidth.

But, if you have big plans to make a brandable website with massive content, then it would be better to buy the hosting plan with 1 GB disk space and > 5GB Bandwidth (depending on the visitors that you get)

For E-commerce site with massive products and traffic, 10 GB space with > 30 GB Bandwidth is suitable. 

Email Account

I recommend you choose best hosting for WordPress that offers the Email accounts for your domain. 

For Example – helps you create the brand awareness and easy for your customer or followers to reach you through email. 

If they have webmail interface, Gmail integration, receiving the mails via IMAP, then it is perfect!

Check Customer Feedbacks

Reading the customer reviews to know their experience with the hosting server is most important. Don’t check the blogs that write the fake reviews to insert their affiliate links and make money from it. 

Have a look at the real feedbacks and testimonials of the users and then decide the reliable server company to host your website. 


Check what kind of Backup option does the host provides to stay away from the data loss frustration. Make sure that your sites files and databases get proper backup on a daily basis.

For regular sites, pick the hosting company that will keep a backup of your data forever. If you are a serious online business, don’t hesitate to go with cloud backup hosting services so that you will get high-speed data recovery. 

Hosting Type  

There are several hosting types like Shared, VPS, Managed, Cloud, etc.

Shared Hosting – Affordable hosting with limited sources

VPS Hosting – Secured hosting with root access

Managed Hosting – High priced hosting with complete technical management.

Cloud Hosting – Customizable hosting with several web servers for excellent security.

If you ask me, which type of hosting should I get for WordPress business site, then my advice is to get “Cloud Hosting” to perform well and yield great results. 

Multiple Domains & Sub-Domain

If you have a plan to add multiple domains, make sure that the hosting provider that you choose lets you host all your sites under the same account. Also, ensure that you have enough server resources to host more than one site. 

So, you can make a network of blogs or expand your online business with the multiple sites to earn a consistent revenue.  Some of the top WordPress hosting companies offer unlimited add-on domains on their higher hosting plans. 

Live Chat Support

Choosing the WordPress hosting with excellent customer support is a wise thing! If you are a beginner or non-tech savvy web founder, then would need the massive tech support to establish your site. 

The live customer support should be available 24 x 7 even on weekends and also you should not wait in the queue for a long time to reach time. 

Getting the quick assistance from the hosting support team matters a lot, and hence you would lead a stress-free business life. 

So, before choosing the exact hosting, research about the hosting provider’s customer support review. Prefer the hosting provider which has an active live chat support. 

Ask The Experts

Feel free to ask the niche influencers for the hosting recommendation through the contact form on their site or social media.

As I’m a webpreneur, I’m also happy to assist you!

If you’ve any hosting related questions, please leave your comment. I have used Bluehost, HostGator, InMotion, ASO, Cloudways, Digital Ocean, WPX Hosting,, A2 Hosting, Fast Comet, Linode, etc. for my niche blogs and clients’ sites. 

Advanced Factors To Look In A WordPress Hosting

Speed – Visitors and search engines love the fast loading website. So, check, how fast the hosting is?

WordPress Install – Get the hosting server that has preinstalled WordPress or lets you to install WordPress in 1 click

Dedicated IP – Obtain the hosting plan that gives you the dedicated IP address to avoid getting the problems caused by your shared hosting neighbors. 

SSL Certificate – Since SSL is a Google ranking factor, some of the best WordPress hosting providers offer it for the free. 

Shell Access – To copy files and change the file permissions, get the host company that gives you the shell access through the SSH command line. 

Conclusion On Getting The best WordPress Hosting Service

Web hosting is a backbone for your online business/career which helps you showcase your brand identity to this world. 

If you’re a beginner and decided to acquire the best fastest hosting for WordPress, then I would suggest you go with the high-class hosting provider who cares about the performance of your site.

I hope my simple buying guide would help you choose the best hosting for WordPress that is worth the money you spend.

Stay tuned for my WordPress hosting companies recommendation! If you have any queries, reach me through the email



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