8 Exciting Cloud Hosting Black Friday Sale Discount 2019

The Cloud hosting Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday Offers are LIVE! 

If you are on the internet business, you might have already known that Cloud hosting is proven to the most reliable and better in terms of performance.

So, If you are planning to buy the cloud server, then Black Friday/Cyber Monday is the best time to save your hard-earned money.

Before getting into the list of cloud hosting black Friday 2019 offers, let me tell you something! 

Why Buy Cloud Hosting On Black Friday?

Because, during the Thanksgiving day season, major internet marketing companies will provide you with the best deals, that you can’t deny.

Just like last year, this year as well, in November, all major hosting providers are offering great deals and discount coupons on their cloud hosting plans.

So, what are you waiting for?

Grand deals are on the way, get ready to grab the best Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday offers.

Now, let me tell you the best Cloud Hosting Black Friday Offer through this post so that you would like to buy the best one at a very low cost. 

Top Black Friday & Cyber Monday Cloud Hosting Sale 2019

Here are the few best Black Friday Offers from the best top cloud hosting providers! 


1. Cloudways

Cloudways is one of the best cloud hosting you can ever get. And also the most trusted service which offers impressive Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

It is a completely managed service, and you can choose from a wide variety of hosting providers such as Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, and Vultr. 

Exciting Cloudways Features are

  • Performance: All the servers hosted through Cloudways have dedicated resources with SSD storage disks for 3x faster page load time. No doubt it is the fastest cloud server with the excellent server response time. 
  • Dedicated CDN: Unlike other cloud hosting providers Cloudways doesn’t rely upon free CDN services like Cloudflare, instead they provide you with their CDN service.
  • Support: There is a huge active community for any sort of queries along with 24/7 live chat and ticketing system.
  • Backups: Free manual as well as automatic backups which can be set from 1hour to 7 days.
  • Free Migration & SSL – The support will do the first migration for Free, and you can do yourself with the free plugin. Also, you can get the SSL certificate for Free.

Cloudways Black Friday Sale

This year 2019, Cloudways is offering a great Black Friday deal!


You can get 30% OFF for 3 Months, and it is a decent discount offer.

This price cut offer is available for 10 days only!

Start Date : 21/11/2019 (Wednesday)

End Date : 30/11/2019 (Friday)

2. Digital Ocean

Just because, it is in the second position doesn’t mean, that it isn’t as good as Cloudways managed hosting.

The only difference is Cloudways is a managed cloud service, while Digital Ocean is an unmanaged cloud hosting service that gives you more room to play around, especially for developers.

Best Qualities Of Digital Ocean

  • Deployment: With the help of one-click installation apps, you can launch your websites in no time. DigitalOcean even allows you to launch multiple droplets (virtual servers) at the same time.
  • Datacenters: It holds datacenters all over the world from the USA on the west to Singapore on the east.
  • Scalable: Without any issues, you could easily scale your servers. The scaling feature allows you to increase or decrease RAM size, SSD storage, and CPU cores according to your requirements.
  • Monitoring: They have got their monitoring panel inside the dashboard, it shows the uptimes/downtime, CPU usage which you can use to optimize your servers further or increase resources.

Digital Ocean Black Friday Sale

Sorry for bringing you here through the Digital Ocean Black Friday Offer!

You should understand this cloud hosting company usually don’t offer the discounts during the Cyber Monday season.

Moreover, the pricing plans are highly affordable, and you may get a suitable one without any deal.

3. Hostgator Cloud

You may have already heard about HostGator or seen ads on the internet. The company now offers the profitable Cloud hosting Black Friday discounts! 

Hostgator Cloud is famous for its eye-catching Cyber Monday discount offers and black Friday deals. In my experience, I have got up to 50% on their hosting during Black Friday sale.

Exceptional Upsides of HostGator

  • Performance: Every HostGator server will be pre-integrated with a caching system for faster page loads.
  • Dashboard: Manage all your domains, website’s performance and scale your server resources from a single window.
  • cPanel: A free cPanel will be given to managing all your site’s files, databases, etc.
  • Security: Every cloud server you buy on HostGator will create three mirrored copies of those servers and store all your data. These mirrored servers will get activated whenever any accidents occur on the primary server.
  • SSL: Depending on your location, you can get free SSL certificates.
  • Support: 24/7 Live Chat

HostGator Cloud Black Friday Sale 2019

HostGator Cloud Black Friday offers Daily Sales at Up to 65% OFF and hour-long Flash Sales at Up to 70% OFF.

Cyber Monday

Sale Details: Up to 65% Off with $5.99 select domains

Cyber Monday Flash Sales 

Sale Details: Up to 70% Off with $2.99 select domains

4. BlueHost Cloud

BlueHost Cloud is one more cloud hosting that is similar to the Hostgator cloud regarding discount coupons and deals. Their free SSL certificate and free domain offers make them unique among the list.

Highlights of BlueHost Cloud are

  • Performance: Because of their global CDN network and advanced caching configuration, your pages will take less time to load.
  • Flexible: No need to worry about downtimes due to high traffic, add more CPU cores or RAM anytime you want just with mouse clicks. The server doesn’t even reboot, which makes the scaling smooth as silk.
  • Security: Just like Hostgator, Bluehost also hosts all your data on three mirrored servers. And In case of any hardware failure, the traffic will automatically be redirected towards another server to avoid any downtimes. The security patches are regularly updated by their team.
  • Free Domain: On every plan, you get a free domain to host along with free SSL.
  • Moneyback Guarantee: You can ask for your money within 30 days of purchase if you ain’t satisfied with their service.
  • Support: Call them or chat live, whenever you need help.

BlueHost Cloud Black Friday Deal

Bluehost Black Friday sale begins on November (23rd November, Friday) and will be available only for 24 hours.

You will get a 66% discount on their hosting plans.

5. Fastcomet Cloud

Just like the name says itself, the Fastcomet is one of the fastest cloud hosting services with SSD powered servers. Their pricing might feel a little high, but, worth it. Their scalability feature, managed servers, and customer support are at the top class level.

Exceptional Fastcomet Cloud Trademarks are 

  • Performance: Of course, you are going to get the best in world experience and performance, which justifies their high starting price. Besides, all servers are powered by SSD drives for 300% faster than non-SSD drives.
  • Backups: Backups and Snapshots are entirely free, there will be no additional cost to it. Automated backups can be set to a da daily or weekly basis, while snapshots can be obtained on demand.
  • cPanel: A Dedicated cPanel will be provided with all plans that can be used to modify your site files/databases, add new domains/subdomains, etc.
  • Support: A premium support that is available to help you regarding both the hardware or software issues for 24/7/365.
  • Scalability: Downgrade or upgrade your server configuration anytime you want.
  • 1-click Apps: Wide variety of apps are available for free of cost including, Joomla, WordPress, Dolphin, Opencart, Drupal, etc.

Fastcomet Black Friday Coupon Codes

Check out the super deals of FastComet cloud black Friday & Cyber Monday!

Sale Details: Save 20% OFF all New Cloud VPS/Dedicated Server Plans for monthly and quarterly periods plus FREE Domain.

Start: Tuesday, November 27th at 3:00 A.M. EST

End: Tuesday, December 4th at 3:00 A.M. EST

6. A2Hosting Cloud

A2Hosting Cloud is a well-known cloud hosting for their customization option, speed and developer friendly environment along with discounted BF deals.

  • Customization: You don’t need to stick for existing plans, you can customize your server according to your needs. Add any resources you want and pay for what you use.
  • Dev-Friendly: Choose any Linux distro you want or install your own, own scripts on the server as you get complete root access.
  • Performance: The company claims that their servers are 20x faster servers with free SSD storage disks that decrease the page load time, and helps to gain good conversions and SEO ranking results. They also guarantee 99.9% Uptime.
  • Security: A Expert team will be handling all the data centers and updating security patches regularly.
  • Support: 24/7/365

A2Hosting Cloud Black Friday Deals 

Sadly, the cloud VPS hosting plan of A2 hosting has been discontinued by the company.

Hence, you may get the Managed VPS and Core VPS plans with 50% OFF

Start: Wednesday, November 21th 

End: Monday, November 26th 

7. DreamHost Cloud

DreamHost is the cheapest cloud hosting among this Cloud hosting Black Friday Discount list with unlimited Bandwidth, SSD disks by default and OpenStack support is DreamHost Cloud. 

  • Dev-Friendly: The DreamHost cloud servers come with all major OpenStack such as Redis, Python, Ruby, Node.js, etc. So developers can utilize the cloud servers to their potential level.
  • Performance: All servers are being powered by SSD disks and the latest hardware for faster loading web pages.
  • Flexible: Scale your server anytime you want, hassle-free.
  • Full Control: Install any operating system that you are familiar including major ones like, Linux, Windows, and even BSD. Majority of Linux Distros are already pre-loaded and ready to get installed in one click.
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited

DreamHost Black Friday Deals

Unfortunately, for this year Black Friday 2019, DreamHost is not offering any discount for their cloud hosting plan.

However, you can get their shared hosting plan with 60% OFF (Just $4.95/mo)

Start: Friday, November 23rd 12 AM EST

End: Monday, November 26th 11.59 PM EST

8. Liquid Web Cloud 

Last but not least! Here comes an amazing cloud hosting black Friday discount! 

Liquid Web offer 3 types of Cloud plans and all these plans have Black Friday Deals this year 2019.

1. Liquid Web Cloud VPS 

  • It is a managed Cloud VPS hosting that includes an SSD server. It can outperform the well-known cloud servers like Digital Ocean, Rackspace, and Amazon
  • Security is top-notch because it offers Cloud VPN, DDOS Protection, integrated firewall, and built-in backups 
  • 100% Uptime, Cloudflare CDN integration, Root access, and Dedicated IP are some of the exciting features of Liquid Web Cloud VPS hosting.

2. Liquid Web Cloud Dedicated

  • It has on-demand powerful servers that can be deployed within minutes
  • Bare Metal Cloud servers provide the hardware transparency and great flexibility
  • It boasts advanced security features and essential hosting services VPN, CDN, Block Storage, and integrated Backups.

3. Liquid Web Cloud Sites 

  • It is the best suitable for the one who hates managed hosting type who could do the technicalities on their own
  • It is easy to build and launch the websites without having to learn cPanel or server management
  • You would adore the exceptional qualities like built-in autoscaling, Cloudflare CDN, Unlimited sites, and 50GB SSD storage

Liquid Web Cloud Hosting Black Friday Deals 

Liquid Web Cloud VPS Black Friday deals are impressive for this year 2019!

Yes! You can save more with each plan. 

Cloud PlanBlack Friday OfferSales Link
Cloud VPS50% OFF For 3 MonthsView Coupon
Cloud Dedicated38% OFF For 4 MonthsView Coupon
Cloud Sites34% OFF For 3 Months View Coupon

Grab the Liquid Web Black Friday Offer Before It Ends! 

Wrapping Up The Cloud Server Black Friday Deals 2019

These are few server services that offer you attractive cloud hosting Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Award-winning hosting like Cloudways, DigitalOcean, and Liquidweb are the best cloud services that give you impressive offers/deals on a purchase, overall better performance and full control over your cloud server compared to old school shared hosting.

The Black Friday event is live on 21st November, and it will be running until Cyber Monday 26th – 30th November 2019.

Don’t miss the chance to grab the best cloud hosting server through this Black Friday sale 2019. Which cloud hosting service would you like to buy? Share your thoughts!


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