Best 8 Cloudways Alternatives To Get The Best Managed Cloud Hosting

Are you looking for the best Cloudways alternatives to launch your business website or blog? 

If yes, then you are at the right place to get the correct managed cloud hosting server, which could be an excellent substitute for Cloudways. 

There is no doubt that Cloudways is one of the best Cloud hosting services for any business site or blog.

However,  this managed cloud hosting provider lacks behind when it comes to

  • Domain Registration
  • Email Account and
  • Traditional cPanel

Yes! You have to rely on the third-party seller to get the domain for your site, and the email account is a paid one in Cloudways. Besides, you cannot get the usual cPanel as the other web hosting services offer.

These might be the reasons for you to check the great Cloudways alternatives and many other cloud hosting services that are somewhat similar to Cloudways in various ways.

To make it easy for you, I have listed the seven best hosting replacement for the Cloudways, managed cloud hosting company.

Let’s get into the details!

Top 8 Managed Hosting That I Recommend As Alternatives To Cloudways 


1. Kamatera

Cloud Computing has been Kamatera’s “bread and butter” for over 20 years now. Kamatera offers a large variety of Cloud Services focused mainly on VPS hosting, with the deployment of the most popular Apps. And Services (WordPress, cPanel, Kubernetes, Docker, etc.) in the Cloud at affordable prices.

  • Scalability: Run any Windows & Linux operating system edition in less than 1 minute, quickly add load balancers firewalls, private networks and more
  • 24/7/365 Human Tech Support: Live Chat, Email, and phone. Kamatera’s Tech support is always available
  • All SSDs storage array with Unlimited Traffic. 
  • Kamatera offers state of the art Intel Xeon Gold processors and lets you choose the type of CPU which will fit your unique cloud server requirements
  • Unlimited Scaling Kamatera cloud servers can be self-provisioned and self-configured, using a simple management portal or API. With Kamatera, server capacity can be increased or decreased in minutes. Hardware components such as CPU, RAM, disk storage, load balancers, firewalls, and much more can be added or taken away instantly, only by logging into the cloud management console and clicking on the desired option. 
  • Security: Get industry-leading protection against attacks on Kamatera’s cloud servers and private cloud network with Kamatera’s Cloud Firewall. Protect your data from outside attacks and secure against malware with a high-availability, virtual appliance firewall.

Starting plan: 1vCPU, 1GB RAM, 20GB SSD Storage – $4 /month or 0.005/hour, 30 Day Free Trial.

2. Kinsta

With almost ten years of expertise in hosting business, Kinsta provides a great infrastructure along with automated features. Of course, this managed cloud server is the best replacement for Cloudways hosting as it possesses the following qualities. 

  • Google Cloud Support: Kinsta servers are powered by Google cloud servers, which have about 17 data centers at different locations, giving you fast and reliable performance.
  • Regular Uptime Checks: Kinsta servers check uptime every 5 minutes to provide better security and stable performance overall your websites hosted on the server.
  • Backups: Your website will be backed up every day for free. If you own a site where you frequently publish like a news website, then you can even opt to hourly backups for some extra fees.
  • Automatic Scaling: As their servers are powered by Google cloud, there is no abundance of resources. Hence, you can scale your server’s resources whenever you needed.
  • Security: Your websites on Kinsta servers are fully protected from any types of attacks like DDoS or hacking because of their robust firewalls and expert team who frequently monitor the network to find any breaches. You will get free SSL as well. 
  • Dashboard: Deploy/Destroy your servers, or manage domains hosted under one single dashboard easily.
    Support: They are free to solve your problem 24/7.

Price: Starting $30/month

Handle Traffic: 20,000 visits/mo

3. FastComet 

Fastcomet is a well-known hosting provider, and recently it has introduced its managed SSD cloud VPS hosting service with cPanel option. There is no doubt that the FastComet cloud is one of the right Cloudways alternatives, because of its rigid infrastructure, discount offers, and blazing speed as well as impressive features as follows.

  • Infrastructure: The expert teams fully manage all the servers. And their VPS comes with SSD storage for 300% more performance than typical non-SSD drives.
  • cPanel: Managing your servers, domains, subdomains, and everything else can be handled easily with their interactive free cPanel.
  • Root Access: If you want to handle or make any advanced changes, you are allowed to access the Root as well.
  • Backups: Snapshots and backups of your website content and databases are wholly automated on a daily/weekly basis.
  • Scalable: Fastcomet servers can be scaled upwards or downwards according to your needs with no worries.
  • Support: Support is available 24/7/365, and they typically respond in just a couple of minutes.
  • CMS: All the major CMS such as WordPress, Dolphin, Opencart, Drupal, Joomla, are pre-configured, and you can install them with just mouse clicks.
  • Bandwidth: Up to 8TB bandwidth per month has been offered by FastComet (Depends on the plan you choose)

Price: $59.95/month (with seven days money back guarantee)

4. Siteground

Siteground is the second best alternative to Cloudways since it provides the affordable Cloud server service for digital enthusiasts and best suitable for your WordPress website.

  • Auto-Updates: You will always be running your website on the latest WordPress version.
  • Free Site Migration: They can help you migrate your site from an existing hosting provider for free.
  • Free CDN: All plans on Siteground come with a free CDN feature that hosts your site automatically on different servers at various locations to give faster loading pages to your audience and to avoid load on a single server.
  • Support: You will get 24/7 live support with no delays in response time.
  • Cloud Hosting: Not just WordPress hosting, they even offer entirely managed cloud hosting plans as well with great features such as auto-scalable, Daily backups, etc.
  • Superfast: Lightweight Linux server for ultra-fast loading speed. 
  • One-Click Installation: There is no need to login to your root to install any applications; they provide one-click installation for almost all CMS software.

Price: $80/month

SSL: Free Certificate

5. LiquidWeb

LiquidWeb is similar to Cloudways hosting with fully managed servers. Because of giving 100% Uptime guarantee, easy scalability, and real-time monitoring, it can be the most excellent substitute for Cloudways. Have a glance at the exciting qualities of the managed cloud hosting service. 

  • Managed: Their team entirely manages your hosting. And if you are running a WordPress site, they update the plugins you installed on your site on a different dummy site, and if it works, then they will update your plugins automatically on the leading WordPress site too.
  • Monitoring: You will be able to monitor uptimes/downtimes, google analytics data, and the SEO status of your web pages under the same dashboard.
  • Optimization: Their automated system will compress all your images to increase the server performance without degrading any clarity.
  • Backups: Backups are taken daily and stored in the off-site storage for 30 days, which are ready to get restored or download anytime you want.
  • SSL: Every website you host will be benefited from one free SSL certificate.
  • Support: Their support system is active 24/7/365 to help you out.
  • Cloud Servers: If you don’t want just a managed WordPress hosting, you can also take a look at their Cloud-powered VPS servers with all the features mentioned above.

Price: $59/month

SSL: Free Certificate

6. InMotion Hosting

If you don’t want Cloudways hosting and looking for the lightning-fast, SSD VPS that has the Cloud-powered infrastructure, then your choice should be InMotion managed VPS hosting. The missing Cloudways features like the email account, free domain, and money-back guarantee can be found in this managed VPS hosting, and hence it is one of the fantastic Cloudways alternatives that will never let you down at any cost. 

  • cPanel: As these servers are completely managed, you will get free cPanel for any changes or upgrades needed to be done to the server, like adding new domains or databases.
  • Speed and Reliable: SSD server speeds up the load times and can handle the very high traffic at times. 
  • Backups: You can schedule your automatic backups whenever you required.
  • E-commerce support: These servers are also fully optimized for eCommerce websites. If you are planning to start one, InMotion is the one to go with.
  • Root Access: You can log in to Root console and make dedicated changes.
  • Moneyback: You are allowed to redeem your money back within 90 days of purchase.
  • SSD: All VPS plans include SSD storage disks that fetch your content and deliver within milliseconds.
  • Email Accounts: Create unlimited email ids with your domain name, for your team to look professional.
  • Free Domain & SSL: You can even receive a free domain if you choose the six months and the 12 months VPS plan. Free SSL certificate is also available.

Price: $29.19/month (Special Discount Available) 

Bandwidth: 4TB

Domains Can Be Hosted: Unlimited

7. Flywheel

With their managed WordPress hosting and their new Cloud hosting, Flywheel is undoubtedly the fantastic option to choose other than Cloudways. Because of having auto-healing, instant-scaling, staging, and Flycache technologies available on cloud plan, it comes under my list of Cloudways alternatives. 

  • Managed: Flywheel is a managed WordPress hosting, which is best suited for bloggers, freelancers, Enterprises, and small startups.
  • Cloning: If you want to copy all the site content and publish it on another site, Flywheel allows you to clone your website as well.
  • Local WordPress Editor: With the help of their free application, you can edit your WordPress site without even opening your browser. You can manage all your websites in one single desktop application.
  • Security: They will scan all the servers and delete any malware, automatically. And backup your sites automatically every night. Along with standard security features, they even offer you a free SSL certificate for every website.
  • Free Migrations: Flywheel provides you free migration service form any other existing hosting.
  • Support: You can contact them at any time of the day via Phone, Chat, or Email.

Price: $14/month

Bandwidth: 250Gb to 8TB

Domains Can Be Hosted: Single domain to 30 Websites (depending on plans)

8. WPX Hosting

Last but not least one! If you are hunting for the World’s fast Managed hosting for WordPress, then you may opt for the WPX hosting service. Considering the Trust score, Free Email Accounts, and Premium domain service, the WPX managed WordPress hosting can be a good alternate to Cloudways. Its other interesting qualities are as follows!  

  • Datacenters: WPX hosting offers two different data center locations, i.e., the USA and UK, from which you can choose from.
  • SSL: You will get unlimited SSL certificates that you can use on all your websites.
  • Security: Every site has been protected from Malware and DDoS protection.
  • Backups: Your sites will be backed up every 28 days automatically, or you can still backup your site manually, whenever you are required.
  • Migration: If you already have an existing site, then their team can help you migrate your site to WPX hosting for free.
  • Moneyback: They even allow you to ask for your money back within 30days.

Price: $20.83/month

Bandwidth: Minimum of 100GB, up to an unmetered bandwidth

Uptime: 99.95% guaranteed

Domains Can Be Hosted: You can host from 5 websites to 35 websites which varies according to the plan you choose

Cloudways Alternatives 2020 – My Verdict 

Even though the Cloudways managed hosting service is popular among the bloggers, developers, and business sites, some key features are missing that I have listed earlier in this post.

Hence you might not be happy and looking for Cloudways alternatives to work comfortably and perform better than before.

Looking at all these alternatives to Cloudways, I can easily conclude that the KAMATERA and KINSTA are the best-managed cloud hosting providers for WordPress because of its exceptional features and price affordability.

I hope you will choose the right managed cloud server according to your needs. So, which cloud hosting service would you like to buy? Share your priceless viewpoint in the comment section.


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