Why Digital Ocean Should Be Your Top Cloud Hosting Choice?

If you are looking to buy the best cloud hosting and have the technical knowledge to set up the server, then this is the right piece of content for you to get the right cloud server for your blog/development project.

Digital Ocean is a Cloud VPS that hosts your site on a remote server and let you manage, scale and set up websites according to your demands. Here, you will get a Cloud VPS (Virtual Private Server), which is like a slice of a big Cloud server, that uses the resources (or configuration) you choose.

Why Is Digital Ocean Best For WordPress?

Digital Ocean has been one of the most trusted Cloud VPS hosting services. Because, of its wide variety of plans and scalability option, it has been a favorite VPS among the bloggers and developers.

You can launch as many as Websites on a single VPS server with no limits. It is built with the sole purpose to give the best experience to developers and website builders/bloggers.

Here are the few features that explain, why the digital ocean is best for WordPress websites.

Excellent Features Of Digital Ocean That Are Worth Mentioning

The Digital ocean is the best cloud hosting for developers where they can learn and build their digital products through several resources. Its exciting qualities are as follows!


#1. Deployment 

Launching apps or websites is much easier on Digital Ocean than any other typical hosting. Digital Ocean got all apps pre-configured into the servers. So, If you want to host a WordPress, Drupal or WooCommerce CMS into your server, you can install them with just one click while you are deploying your droplets. you are allowed to launch multiple web servers at a time under the dashboard. Just select the number of droplets you want to deploy and hit create button.

#2. Performance

There is no word to explain it! It is just freaking amazing! Blazing fast servers with SSD drives and high-performance hardware. Especially, if you use LEMP stack that comes with Nginx, you will feel the real power of your WordPress site.

#3. Dashboard

Well, you won’t get any dedicated cPanel here, but you will get a Dashboard, where you can manage all your droplets (servers), domains, backups, snapshots and billings under the same hood. It even allows you to monitor your server performance, CPU usage, uptimes, and downtimes as well.

#4. Resize

This is one significant feature that you get in Digital Ocean. Scaling is much easier; you can scale up or down within a few seconds without much hurting your website.

#5. Additional Storage

In case you need additional storage for your databases or files, you can easily add up more storage to your servers. These storage blocks are powered by SSD drives which drastically increase the performance, compared to non-SSD drives.

#6. Load Balancers

By using load balancers, your incoming traffic will be distributed over several copied version of your server to reduce the load on a single server which, results in no downtimes.

#7. Developer-friendly

 If you are a pro developer, you can opt for a clean server, in which you can install your desired applications or stacks by accessing the Root via the console.

#8. Team Management

If you are working on a complex project or a big project and then, you can easily take help from your team members by inviting them to join your project and share the same droplet between them.

#9. Security

 In terms of security, they integrated cloud firewalls, and if you want to connect two droplets, then you can let different droplets on the same datacenter to communicate securely. Moreover, you will receive the real-time alerts through email or Slack whenever there is an issue in the infrastructure. 

#10. Support

You can contact them via the ticket system, in personal experience, they take about 3hrs to reply to your problem. Even though they take more time, they give great support and don’t let you down until you resolve your problem.

How To Deploy A Droplet In Digital Ocean?

If you stuck while launching a new server on Digital Ocean, take a look at these following simple steps to deploy your own Cloud VPS server.

  1. After you signed up for Digital Ocean, click on Create Droplet.
  2. Then you can choose any distributions you require. Distributions come in two types, one with no additional software expect Operating system. Another one is a pre-configured droplet that comes with CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or stacks like the LAMP, LEMP, etc.
  3. Once you choose the desired droplet, now it’s time to choose the configuration of your droplet. On basic configuration, you will get 1GB RAM, 1CPU core with 25GB SSD storage, which is enough for a small website. But, if you think you need more, you can choose the higher configuration at the deploying stage or start small droplet and scale it later. The choice is yours!
  4. Now select the datacenter which is closer to the targeted audience of your website.
  5. You can even add block storage, SSH key or enable backups while creating droplets.
  6. As a final step, choose a droplet name and number of droplets you want to launch.
  7. The Domains can be added inside the droplet by selecting networking option on your dashboard.

Once you have completed creating the droplet, you will get the root password and all the essential details like IP addresses to your email id (which you have given while signing up).

Here is a helpful tutorial to set up a new WordPress site on Digital Ocean with SSL feature!

I have created my digital ocean droplet a year ago! 


Pricing: The price for basic configuration starts at as low as $5/month (without tax included).


And the last plan is 192GB with 12TB transfer for $960 per month. You can also get the CPU optimized droplets starting from $40/mo. 

Note: If you choose to deploy an empty droplet, it might feel difficult to manage it. In that case, you can use third-party VPS management services like Serverpilot, setupserver.io or ServerAvatar. You have to enter the IP address and root password (don’t worry, they are trustable services), that’s it!

You will be able to manage all your domains, WordPress, databases easily. Well, if you don’t want to go through this teddy process, select pre-configured droplets.


I can conclude this post by saying DigitalOcean as one of the cheapest cloud VPS services on the market with amazing features and infrastructure. It is the best cloud hosting for developers to launch their digital products on the web. 

You can also use the Digital Ocean cloud hosting for any website or web app, not just WordPress; you can even use it to start your Shopify site or build your cloud apps. I’m sure that you will adore its best performance. 


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