8 Best DigitalOcean Alternatives ($5 Cloud Hosting Servers)

If you are on this page, I am sure that you felt something wrong with DigitalOcean and looking for DigitalOcean alternatives.

Of course, DigitalOcean is one of the best Cloud VPS services out there, yet some features are missing in it.

And, these DigitalOcean’s VPS is built for web developers and tech-savvy guys who want to take control of the server on their own hands. So, it might feel difficult for non-technical guys, to build websites on an unmanaged server.

Am I correct? 

Here are a few more aspects where DigitalOcean lags!

  • Dedicated cPanel
  • Free Backups
  • Live and quick Support Team
  • Custom Email ids
  • Money Back Guarantee 

So, if you are a non-tech savvy guy who wants to host your website or app on the cloud platform, then there are plenty of other cloud hosting providers that are much similar to DigitalOcean where you can stay away from the server setup and other complicated tech tasks. 

Without further ado, let’s have a look at the best DigitalOcean alternatives to stay chill and focus on the business development.

8 Cheap DigitalOcean Alternative Cloud Hosting Servers 

The following cloud hosting providers have the same $5 hosting plan like DigitalOcean! 


1. HostGator Cloud

HostGator has been around for a long time in this cloud business and gained an excellent name for its support system and great discount offers. Because, of its well-managed servers, dedicated cPanel, free SSL certificate, and free CDN, Hostgator cloud hosting is the one to go with, instead of DigitalOcean.

  • Managed: Hostgator cloud hosting service is a fully managed hosting that comes with interactive Dashboard and cPanel.
  • cPanel: Every cloud hosting plan on Hostgator includes free cPanel, through which you can handle all your domains, subdomains, databases with just mouse clicks.
  • Optimization: Hostgator cloud servers are already optimized for great caching of your files to increase the speed of your website.
  • Dashboard: Using their dashboard, you will be able to add new resources or manage and monitor the site’s performance like uptimes/downtimes under the same window.
  • Free CDN: It is the top DigitalOcean competitor that uses their dedicated CDN network, which copies your site’s content into three extra servers, to reduce the load on a single web server.
  • Backups: You can enable automatic daily backups at the time of purchasing for an extra sum of money.
  • Scaling: As your website grows, the existing resources of the server may become a bottleneck, so with just one click, you can easily scale the server configuration without any reboots or downtimes.
  • SSL: All plans include Free SSL certificate for your domains.

Price: $4.95/month
Domains: One to Unlimited domains, depending on your plan.
Bandwidth And Storage: Both are unmetered, you can use as much as you want!

2. A2Hosting Cloud

A2Hosting Cloud is much similar to HostGator but with extra features like Anytime money back guarantee and SSD integrated servers etc., which makes it the right cloud hosting in substitute with DigitalOcean VPS. It is the best cloud web hosting that has developer-friendly and scalable features (pay only for the resources you use) with ultimate flexibility.  Since it possesses the following characteristics, I have listed it as the DigitalOcean alternative. 

  • Performance: Because of their SSD drives, you can experience up to 20x more performance than typically shared hostings, which results in faster loading pages. They also guarantee you to provide 99.9% uptime.
  • Customization: If you are not satisfied with their existing plans, you can customize your servers with any resources you want.
  • Dev-Friendly: As a default, you will get Linux OS running servers, you can always change it to your desired operating system on demand. You are also allowed to access Root to change your server files as well.
  • Money back: If you think, A2hosting is not for you at any point in time, they are happy to give your money back anytime.
  • Support: Their experts are available to help you 24/7/365.

Price: $5/month with 2TB transfer limit.

3. DreamHost Cloud

DreamHost Cloud is one more well-known cloud hosting provider with a responsive support system, blazing fast SSD drives, Flexible servers, etc. They even offer free SSL certificates, which DigitalOcean doesn’t provide. These qualities make it as one of the best alternatives to DigitalOcean hosting. 

  • SSD: Every application you host on Dreamhost runs on SSD drive powered servers for high response time and performance.
  • Full Control: There are no restrictions to install any operating systems ranging from BSD, windows, or any Linux distros. You will have full Root control via SSH.
  • Flexibility: You can either expand the resources of your server manually or do it automatically with the help of OpenStack APIs.
  • Performance: They guarantee you to offer 100% uptime with free SSL certificate for your websites.
  • Support: Support is available for 24/7/365.

Pricing depends on the resources you use on an hourly basis. The minimum cost per month is $4.5, i.e., $0.0075/hour

4. HawkHost

In DigitalOcean, you have to do everything on your own from migrating the site to managing your website. But, HawkHost made it easy for you by offering Free migration, cPanel for management, free CDN and even money back assurance at a much lower price than DO. Hence, it is one of my favorite replacements for DigitalOcean.

  • CDN: Hawkhost SSD servers are entirely Cloudflare optimized. It hosts your content on various servers to act as the backup to avoid downtimes. These servers guaranteed to provide 99.99% Uptime.
  • Free Migration: Hawkhost team can help you migrate your site from already existing hosting service to Hawkhost cloud hosting for free.
  • 1-Click Installer: It offers a wide variety of one-click installers such as WordPress, Magento to help non-tech savvy people.
  • Moneyback: If you are not satisfied with their service, they are happy to give your money back within 30 days of purchase.
  • cPanel: Easy to use cPanel is also provided with all cloud hosting plans to manage your databases, sub-domains, domains, files, etc. You can easily create your databases (unlimited) on MySQL or MariaDB anytime you want.
  • Email And Domains: Unlimited websites can be hosted on a single server along with unlimited custom email ids can also be created using your domain names.
  • Support: 24/7/365

Price: Starts from as low as $2.99/month

5. Accuweb Hosting

If you want something that is similar to DigitalOcean but with some more features like Free Backups, managed servers, cPanel, then Accuweb hosting is the best one for you at the same price of DigitalOcean. Yes, this DigitalOcean competitor has diverse Cloud VPS hosting plans for both Windows and Linux 

  • One-Click Installer: About 100+ apps are pre-configured into the cloud servers.
  • cPanel: You can choose between three different cPanels to make it easy for you to manage your site data, domains, subdomains, etc.
  • Backups: AccuWeb provides automated weekly backups and multiple restore points at free of cost.
  • Moneyback: You can ask for your money back within 30 days of purchase.
  • Root Access: You will get full SSH root access to alter your server files according to your dedicated needs.
  • Scalable: You can upgrade your servers whenever you want and however you want with no hassles.
  • Support: Live support is available via Chat, Phone or ticket system with a response time of a few seconds.

Price: $4.79/month (Linux), $5.09/month (Windows)
Domains: Host unlimited websites
Bandwidth: 100GB to 200GB

6. I/O Zoom

I/O Zoom provides fully managed cloud VPS hosting. Not just managed cloud hosting; but it also gives easy scalability, free snapshots, resource upgrades, software add-ons, and 30-day money back guarantee. Hence it is considered one of the greatest DitalOcean alternatives that contains Failover cloud server with SSD storage. Its best features are as follows! 

  • Managed: To opt for the management server, you need to buy a cPanel or Plesk control panel, that helps in maintaining all your site files and domains.
  • Free Snapshots: Snapshots of your Cloud server are taken daily at free of cost.
  • Security: All your websites are protected with 10Gbps DDoS protection to prevent downtimes along with 100% guaranteed uptime.
  • Moneyback Guarantee: 30 Days from purchase date.
  • Datacenters: You can choose any of the data centers between, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, and Dallas.
  • Bandwidth: It ranges from 1000GB to 5000GB per month, depending on the plan you choose.
  • Upgrades: Main components of the configurations such as RAM, CPU, SSD disk, IP addresses, and Bandwidth limit can be upgraded easily at additional cost.

Price: Starts from $5/month

7. FleHost

If you are looking for more features and freebies at the same rate as DigitalOcean, then FleHost is the right choice. It is undoubtedly one of the amazing DigitalOcean alternatives with more freebies like free backups, free SEO tools, Free Migration, and much better security. Yeah, if you have a look at the following features, then you will come to know that the FleHost is the exact alternate to DigitalOcean. 

  • Performance: All the servers are fully powered by SSD drives instead of HDD drives for storage. The servers are also equipped with huge RAM for caching purpose, which increase the speed of your website. Your servers are connected to a private network of servers to reduce the risk of downtime due to overload.
  • Security: All the servers are being protected by advanced Firewalls and being scanned frequently by their Antivirus to find spyware, trojans and other malicious scripts. Even if your site got hacked, their expert team would help you recover your site’s data and resolve the problem.
  • Backups: Backups are taken every day by an automated system.
  • Monitoring: Their dashboard will allow you to monitor the CPU usage, uptimes, downtimes to help you find any issues with the performance.
  • Free Migration: They offer free migration from all major hosting providers.
  • Free SEO Tools: SEO tools are one of the most significant needs for an internet marketer or blogger. So, FleHost offers various SEO tools for free of cost on all hosting plans.
  • Uptime: 99.9% guaranteed.
  • Moneyback: 30 days limit.

Domains: You host Single domain to unlimited domains, which depends on your chosen plan.
Price: $5/month

8. Colossus Cloud

Last but not the least; Colossus Cloud is the final cloud server in my DigitalOcean alternatives list. Because, of their 13 years expertise in hosting business, and developer friendly moves like allowing you to install various Operating systems, Free Private network, 100% uptime and exciting Discount coupons, it is a tough competitor to DigitalOcean. Its exciting features are listed below! 

  • Operating Systems: Choose between Windows or any other Linux distributions.
  • Datacenters: You can deploy your websites on various datacenters located in Asia, America or Europe.
  • Dashboard: Every hosting plan will include a free panel to monitor, manage and scale your servers.
  • Private Network: You can easily exchange data between your different cloud servers securely and create own network of cloud servers.
  • Performance: Colossus cloud hosting offers SSD bases storage drives and 24/7 uptime.
  • Coupon Code: Use ILOVECOLOSSUSCLOUD coupon code and get free $5 credit, which is enough to try their hosting for one month at free of cost.

Price: Starts $5/month


In cloud hosting, the hardware and the other resources are virtually available and much better than the traditional web servers.

If you feel that it is difficult to manage DigitalOcean servers, then these above alternative cloud hosting providers comes in handy. I have tried my best to explain why you should consider these above-mentioned hosting services over DigitalOcean.

But, if you ask me which is the DigitalOcean alternatives, I can suggest you choose between Hostgator Cloud, DreamHost Cloud, and A2hosting Cloud for your websites/web apps so that you could focus on your business growth. 

I hope, you got a better idea for choosing the best cloud hosting that is similar to DigitalOcean price and features!


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