hostgator cloud hosting review

HostGator Cloud Hosting Review: Why I Migrated To Them?

hostgator cloud hosting review

So, you would like to know the performance of the newly launched Cloud hosting service of HostGator, Am I right? 

I’m glad that you have landed the right place to read my unbiased HostGator Cloud hosting review!

Let me share my hosting experience with HostGator Cloud servers so that you can decide whether to go with it or not!

I have been in the Freelancing world for more than four years, and WordPress is my bread & butter!

Choosing the best hosting services for WordPress is a difficult task as there are a plethora of companies in the market and everyone is promising that they offer the excellent host service.

Sometimes I was uncertain in suggesting the excellent hosting for the clients whom I work with as they prefer to have the host with Zero downtime and world-class security at a reasonable cost.

Uptime, Speed and Customer support of the hosting service are the essential factors that decide the success of the website.

I have hosted all my blogs on Cloud server hosting companies like CloudWays, BlueHost Cloud, HostGator Cloud and Digital Ocean to do well and thrash my competitors.

Do you know the benefits of hosting your site on cloud hosting server?

Yep, it has enormous advantages, and the scalability is one among them.

Let’s come to the point now!

How Good Is HostGator Cloud Hosting?

You might have many questions in your mind like

Is HostGator hosting still good even after acquired by EIG?

Are they offering fast and best tech support?

Is their premium cloud service worth buying?

And much more queries about HostGator service!

I would like to reply to all your uncertainties through my HostGator Cloud review! 

HostGator survives for more than 15 years in the industry, and it is one of the best customer friendly web hosting options available for WordPress site owners.

The company was under buzz when it had been acquired by EIG in the year 2015, and even I too didn’t recommend their service to my freelance clients for the past couple of years.

But! The things have changed and improved a lot in HostGator, and they have recently their premium hosting service “HostGator Cloud.”

It is the unique hosting environment to offer great speed and uptime by fixing the previous issues. They have sorted out the previous glitches raised by their customers and came into the game again.

I have been using HostGator cloud for a while, and I don’t have any complaints. I have taken the middle plan “Essentials Cloud” (that costs me $140 for one year) to host my money making WordPress site.

hostgator cloud billing

You might be thinking that it is a bit costlier!


I would say that it is cheaper than other cloud hosting services and worth the money spent on the great qualities that it possess.

I had nothing to do with my site migration, and yes, the tech support has done everything for me. I have just created the ticket and given my old hosting Cpanel login credentials.

Within two days, I’ve received an email saying

hostgator site migration free

My four years old WordPress site has been moved to HostGator Cloud without any troubles, and I’m glad that it is performing well now!

So, for your questions,

is it good to host WordPress sites on Cloud platform & how good is Cloud hosting of HostGator?

Yes, it is better to get Cloud hosting than traditional hosting and

The HostGator Cloud hosting is working well, and it tweaked my site’s performance!

Now, it’s time to talk about its qualities of this best cloud WordPress hosting, and therefore you will come to know why have I migrated my site to them! 

HostGator Cloud WordPress Hosting: 5 Great Reasons To Get It

The cloud hosting service of HostGator has the following upsides! 

#1. Reliability – 99.9% Uptime

HostGator Cloud Uptime

The reliability of the website is directly related to the reputation!

If your site often goes down, then you will lose the loyal visitors and meet the financial loss as well. So, whenever you buy any hosting service, have an eye on the Uptime that it offers.

There is nothing to bother about the downtime with HostGator Cloud hosting, and for me, it is 100% till now.

If your site meets any hardware issue or gets excess resource requests, it can be switched to the other server; it is the specialty of Cloud hosting.

Here, the data gets distributed in three mirrored copies across several devices to keep it safe. As you are utilizing the multiple resources through the automatic failover process, you can get the stress-free hosting experience

#2. Speed – Blazing Fast Loading 

The loading speed of the site should be fast to get love from the search engines and also give pleasure to site audience.

The speed of the site is a search engine ranking factor. If you want to have a site that loads lightning fast, then it is essential to buy the fastest web hosting service.

HostGator Cloud is 2X faster because of its low-density servers, first-class hardware, and integrated cache configuration. It turbochargers your site and provides the great server response time.

Since it protects your WordPress site from bots, the server load time for your readers will be reduced. It also supports the Global CDN for the quick content delivery. 

Besides, the cache system is custom-built for speed, and thus you don’t need to worry about the page load speed of your site with HostGator Cloud.

#3. Security – SiteLock For Malware Scan

Hostgator Cloud security

The security features of HostGator Cloud are useful in keeping your data safe.

It has the SiteLock feature to secure your site with daily malware scan, and hence you can keep the viruses, hackers and intrusions codes at bay. You can also block the automated Bot attacks.

Identity theft protection, Email spam prevention, and convenient daily backup & restoration are the best security features that are worth mentioning in my HostGator Cloud hosting review.

The company has sufficient security measures to care for their customers like us. Moreover, the data centers have been built with the top-notch technology, and the servers are monitored 24 X 7.

You can get the SSL data encryption by paying a small fee ($19).

#4. cPanel – Easy-To-Use 

I’m comfortable when using the user-friendly HostGator Cloud cPanel where I can manage all the settings under one roof.

With a single click, you will be able to create new email accounts, manage sub-domains and much more from the cPanel.

You can see all the preferences in the intuitive dashboard in the below image

hostgator cloud dashboard

You can see the useful tools to have a quick look at usage trends, page speed, global reach, and Uptime.

The Dashboard has different tabs like

hostgator cloud cpanel

My Account – Manage the Invoices and support history (Tickets Created)

Billing – Payment that you have made

Hosting – See the server performance, website traffic, security features and so on.

Hosting Dashboard – Special Offers and popular links

Marketing – use Constant Contact for email newsletter service

The customer portal of HostGator cloud hosting has precise elements, and you will not be getting any struggle to manage any setting.

#5. Customer Support – Interactive & Helpful

Previously, the status of the company was spoiled a bit due to the deprived customer support, and it is not the case now.

They have enhanced the support activities and regaining the reputation through its cloud hosting service.

Through my HostGator Cloud review, I’m happy to say that I didn’t have any bitter experience with the chat support of HostGator. Sometimes, I had to wait in the queue, but it was only very few minutes. 

The support members are knowledgeable, attentive and dedicated to solve our concerns. I have been assisted well by the tech authorities during my site migration as well.

Not only the live chat, but the HostGator cloud also contains the Customer portal, Support portal, How-to-guides, Video tutorials and Forums to solve the common troubleshooting problems and your technical difficulties.

Additional Qualities of HostGator Cloud Service

In my HostGator WordPress cloud hosting review, it is essential mentioning its special characteristics.

Price – When we compare Hostgator cloud WordPress hosting with its competitors, it is the cheapest cloud hosting provider that holds the impressive features. 

Scalability – As you know that the Cloud hosting is meant for scalable resources and HostGator Cloud hosting service is four times scalable according to traffic hike without the need for migration and downtime.  

Free Site Migration – The tech support will transfer your site for free from the current host that you’re using. 

Cloud Desktop Storage – Free 1 GB Hostgator cloud storage is available so that you can access from anywhere.

Free Advertising Credits – $100 Free credits to advertise your site on Bing and Google Adwords.

The HostGator Cloud hosting has better features than Bluehost cloud hosting!

HostGator Cloud Pricing Plans

There are 3 different HostGator Cloud plans, Basic Cloud, Essential Cloud, and Pro Cloud.

hostgator cloud pricing

1. Basic Cloud – If you have a single start-up website, you may get the 1st plan that has 2GB memory.

2. Essentials Cloud – It’s 2nd hosting plan (earlier it was Baby Cloud) was my preference where I can host more than one site and the memory available is 4GB.

3. Pro Cloud – If you have a website for your product/service that drives thousands of daily visitors or if you are planning to build a brandable site, then you should get the Pro Cloud (Earlier it was HostGator Business Cloud plan) so that you will get the dedicated IP and Private SSL for free.

All the above three plans include

  • Local Caching
  • Unlimited Sub-domains
  • Unmetered Bandwidth & Storage


Pros & Cons Of HostGator Cloud Hosting Plans


# Blazing Fast Speed

# Optimized For WordPress

# Daily Backup & Cloud Storage 

# 45 Days Money Back Guarantee 

# Outstanding Customer Support

# Easy Scalability By Adding/Removing The CPU & RAM

# No Coding/Admin Knowlege Needed To Manage The Account


* SSL has to be purchased for first two HostGator Cloud plans. Most of the top cloud hosting providers offer free SSL, and hence some users consider it as one of the limitations of HostGator Cloud.

Apart from this, I didn’t find any other downside here!

Wrapping Up My Hostgator Cloud Review 2019

If your WordPress website needs to handle a large volume of traffic at times, then switching over to the cloud hosting service is the clever option. Cloud web hosting works better for SEO!

I would recommend the cloud service of HostGator for WordPress without any hesitation! It is one of the best cloud hosting providers for WordPress sites.

Instead of getting the shared hosting that isn’t great much, you may consider buying the HostGator Cloud servers. 

HostGator is a well-reputed web hosting company that serves more than 2 millions websites worldwide. Its recent launch of cloud hosting with great flexibility, scalability and speedy nature catch the attention of WordPress users.

I just admire all the features, specifically the HostGator Cloud backup on a daily basis, Customer Support, and their intuitive cPanel Dashboard.

My site is performing well and handle the high-traffic at times! I’m delighted with the HostGator cloud hosting services, and I have been nudged recommending this web hosting service for the dedicated WordPress users like you! 

Thanks for reading my HostGator cloud hosting review! What do you think about this detailed post? Would you like to get this cheap cloud web hosting service? If you have any questions, please ask in the comment section!

Now, have a look at my star-ratings for every feature and Sign up to use the premium cloud service of HostGator!


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