HostGator Cloud Vs BlueHost Cloud, Which Is Best Cloud Hosting For WordPress?

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  • HostGator Cloud Vs Bluehost Cloud
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So, do you want to know which cloud hosting is better, HostGator Cloud Or Bluehost Cloud?

As I’m using both the service, let me compare both the services through this post!

I’m a satisfied user of HostGator Cloud hosting!

I have been using this best WordPress hosting for the past 6 months and it didn’t let my site down for any reason.

Moreover, it makes my blog load super fast and I’m able to rank well in search engines as well.

I have already explained the features and performance of the HostGator cloud hosting and also recommended some best cloud hosting providers for WordPress users.

First of all, you should know the benefits of using Cloud hosting and yes, it is the superior hosting type that is highly scalable.

Like HostGator, Bluehost is also a reputable server provider but which company is offering the best features and affordable pricing plans for the site owners?

Choosing the ideal hosting for WordPress is a tough task!

To make the things easier in selecting the right web hosting server, I would like to compare the qualities and specifications of HostGator Cloud hosting with its main competitor Bluehost Cloud hosting.

Comparison Review Between HostGator Cloud Vs Bluehost Cloud

Let’s begin the war, HostGator Cloud Vs Bluehost Cloud and see which is the best yet affordable cloud server!

HostGator Cloud Is The #1 Hosting Solution

Founded in 2002, HostGator is global hosting provider that has more than a hundred thousands customers right now! Through its number of clients worldwide, we can conclude that it is offering their best service for the users. It is providing an ideal web solution to individuals, small businesses, and large enterprises as well.

When it was acquired by the EIG in 2012, the company has gained several critics due to the poor performance and worst customer service. However, they are improving a lot by enhancing the new features through cloud hosting, WordPress managed hosting and also gives excellent tech support for its users.

Pros Of HostGator Cloud

  • HostGator Cloud provides reliable hosting that can turbocharge your website
  • Through its premium hardware, latest technology servers and several caching technology, you will be able to get 2X faster site loading times
  • When your site grows, you can make use of its 4X one-click scalable resources without any downtime or reboots.
  • Your site can easily manage the high traffic spikes with no service interruption.
  • You don’t need any advanced knowledge to maintain your site hosted on Cloud platform
  • The Cloud hosting dashboard is highly intuitive through which you can easily understand the performance of your site. During the hardware issue, your site can be switched to another server.
  • To ensure safety and redundancy, this cloud hosting sends the three mirrored copies of your data across several devices

Cons Of HostGator Cloud

  • You have to purchase the website essentials for advanced backup, security, and domain privacy. It is a major downside for the limited budgeters but it is worth investing money in your site safety!
  • SSL is not available for free, you have to buy it by paying the extra fee. 

Bluehost Cloud Hosting Is Recommended By Professionals

Bluehost was founded in the year 2003 and now it has turned into a leading web hosting provider that serves millions of websites across the globe. The service is dedicated to WordPress and gained the credit “World’s Leading Open Source Solution” with the help of the hard-working community.

Bluehost is also a part of Endurance International Groups EIG but being able to accelerate their mission in each way. Through its entire web solution, extensive tools, and expert customer support, it is more likely to establish your footsteps on the web.

Pros Of Bluehost Cloud Hosting

  • Bluehost Cloud offers the safe hosting through its failover technology that automatically mirrored your data in three distinctive devices
  • As your server resources are focused through the CDN networks and low-density servers, you will not experience the slow loading times.
  • In addition, it has advanced, customized integrated caching technology for improved speed. Whenever you need the additional cloud resources, you can get in a single click with no downtime and hidden usage fee
  • The company uses OpenStack powered back-end distribution technology for instant scaling.
  • This cloud hosting is fully managed and hence you don’t need to worry about the security patches and other technical issues.

Cons of Bluehost Cloud

  • Pricing plans are a little bit costlier (When compared to HostGator Cloud)
  • Like HostGator Cloud, SSL certificate, dedicated IP, domain privacy and advanced site backup & restore can only be obtained by paying the money

Comparing Main Features of HostGator Cloud & Bluehost Cloud

#1. Speed

The loading speed of the site is more important and yes, it is a search engine ranking factor as well.

Both cloud hosting services have a custom-built integrated cache technology for speed and hence you don’t need to bother about the site load speed.

Winner – Both

#2. Performance

The uptime of the site decides the success of a website. If you often experience the downtime issue, it is a bad SEO and also affects your business sales/conversions. 

As I said early, I’m delighted with the cloud server service of HostGator and my blog’s uptime is 100% till now. 

However, my niche blog hosted with Bluehost cloud went down for very few times during the traffic hike.

Winner – HostGator Cloud

#3. Security & Backup

WordPress is more vulnerable to hackers and hence you should buy the hosting service that has air-tight safety and daily backup features. 

Both the cloud hosting services offer the high-class premium security features like SiteLock, Backup Pro and Domain Privacy for enhanced safety. 

Winner – Both

 #4. Price

Almost every WordPress user would like to get the best hosting service at the affordable cost.

 From the below images, you will come to know which is the cheap cloud hosting provider. 

HostGator Cost (For 3 Years) – $178.34


Bluehost Cloud (For 3 Years) – $250.20


Winner – HostGator Cloud

HostGator Cloud Vs Bluehost Cloud – Comparing Other Features



HostGator Cloud

Bluehost Cloud

Monthly Price

Starts From $4.95/mo

Starts From $6.95/mo

Available Memory

Starts From 2GB

Starts From 2GB




Advertising Credit

$100 (Bing & Google Adwords)


Money Back Guarantee

45 Days

3o Days

Free Site Migration



Customer Support

Excellent (Sometimes Delay)


My Overall Rating

4 Stars5 stars

Wrapping Up

Getting the right server service is a difficult task. I have been on the web since 2010 and hence I could recommend the best hosting company for WordPress users like you!

You should understand the difference between the cloud hosting and shared hosting and hence you would like to purchase the cloud server for your WordPress site.

I hope that I have done the best comparison, HostGator Cloud Vs. Bluehost Cloud so that you can choose the appropriate one as per your needs.

Both the cloud hosting plans are similar; However, if you are looking for the cheap yet high-performance service that would tweak your sites’ presence, then, your choice should be HostGator Cloud hosting.  

Which service would you like to buy, HostGator Cloud or Bluehost Cloud

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