What Is Managed Cloud Hosting? Why Is It Worth Buying?

The Internet has been a thing that becomes a part of our life for a long time. And every other business is shifting towards online and internet has become mainstream now.

If anyone is starting an online business or simple website, one should be aware that the WordPress is the flexible CMS to start and choosing the right type of server can benefit a lot.

So, which hosting service to use for your website or business? You might already be heard of several types of hosting servers, like most popular shared hosting, VPS, cloud hosting, dedicated servers, even free hosting services as well.

I know it’s confusing to make a decision, so which one to choose? The answer is – Managed Cloud Hosting, but why? – keep reading!

I keep on insisting that the cloud hosting is the excellent type of hosting and it is better than shared and other server types. There are two types of cloud hosting, i.e., dedicated cloud server which is hard to manage, where you have to maintain the whole server by monitoring it regularly, on your own.

But that’s for a geeky guy, what if you are just an ordinary guy like me? That’s where Managed Cloud Hosting comes into play.

What Is Managed Cloud Hosting?


The best way to understand Managed Cloud hosting is to look at the differences between other types such as shared and dedicated servers.

In Shared type hosting, your site will be hosted on a server where some other websites are also hosted along with yours. If any of those other sites got a malware or virus, there is a considerable chance that it might affect your site as well. Not only about the security, even in terms of performance Shared Hosting lack a lot behind Cloud hostings.

As I already said about other sites hosted on the same server, if any of those sites consume a lot of server resources like CPU or RAM, you might see downtime in your site.

It doesn’t matter how small downtime you get, even a few seconds of downtime can affect your site’s Google rankings or even lose that one sale that you were waiting for a long time.

In terms of dedicated servers, you will get a full-fledged private server. These dedicated normally comes with more RAM memory, SSD or HDD storage along with Intel’s powerful Xeon series processor. Dedicated servers are commonly used by large corporations or organizations which need more computational power for all their web services.

As big as the specifications it has, it also comes with a hefty price tag. And these types of servers usually need a technical guy for all the caring and monitoring.

But in the case of a Managed Cloud Hosting or VPS, it is easy, even for a non-technical guy. Here, you will get a virtual server which utilizes a certain sum of RAM and processor as per the plan you selected. The price tag also comes with fewer digits, starting from as low as $10/month.

And as the name says, the managed cloud hosting is completely managed by the host provider, so you don’t need to worry about updating programs, OS, or applying security patches and all.

As most cloud hostings use SSD storage, the performance of your sites will also be at a top grade. You can easily manage different CMS programmes, like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. with one-click installation.

Why Is Managed Cloud Server Hosting Worth Buying?

Here are some features and advantages of Managed Cloud hosting,

1. Flexibility

You can manage almost everything with your managed cloud hosting; you can deploy any web applications from WordPress sites to cloud apps. It gives excellent control over the server.

2. Scalability

You can quickly scale your cloud server according to your requirements in real time. To explain it briefly, imagine you have a website which receives high traffic at a specific time of a day or month, then you can scale it to avoid any downtimes. And when the traffic gets to normal, you can revert back to the initial plan.

3. Guaranteed Uptime

The cloud server services have servers in abundance. Hence, If your server failed for whatever reason, there will always be another server waiting to carry on working without affecting your site data or performance by balancing the resources, efficiently. Your site data also get stored in the SAN – (Storage Area Network) to protect your data in case of any accidents.

4. Security

All the managed cloud servers are protected by firewalls and VLAN – Virtual Local Area Networks and DDoS detection capability. The protection level of the Managed Cloud hosting is the same as dedicated hosting but at a more affordable cost.

5. Affordable

While you pay a fixed price for Shared Hosting, here you will be charged on the hourly basis. It is a pay as you go system, where you pay just for the resources you used. So, you can save a considerable amount of money by switching to managed cloud hosting services.

6. Infrastructure

The Managed Cloud hosting service’s infrastructure is robust. And permits you to monitor your server performance and maintain it as per your desire.

7. High Performance

This is one significant factor that can break any deal if the performance is not good, then there is no need to buy any service. But, you won’t find such lack of performance in managed cloud hosting servers, most of the VPS providers use SSD for storage and offers high bandwidth, so there won’t be any compromises on the performance side. You can easily notice the performance of the managed cloud hosting by its response time and page loading speed.

8. Support

I admit that the managed cloud hosting would not be a cheap one! However, you should understand that the higher the fee you spend for the hosting, the more personalized support you will get from the expert team. If you experience any problem or need any other quick assistance, then you don’t need to wait in a long queue to get help from the support. Just call or catch them through the live chat and get the job done in minutes. 

Is Managed Cloud Hosting Suitable and Good For Me?

# Managed cloud hosting is suitable for small to medium online business and bloggers who manage quite a lot of blogs with high traffic.

# Even developers can take advantage of it, to test their small apps or web apps.

# If you’re a non-tech savvy and don’t want to stress yourself in optimizing the site, then you should get the managed WordPress cloud hosting. 

# On the other hand, you might be a great techie but don’t have time to manage the server speed, updates, and other optimization stuff, please proceed with the managed hosting type instead of hiring an expert who may charge high.   

If you come under any of these categories, then you are good to go with managed cloud hosting service so that you can focus on business growth and move to the next level. 


It doesn’t matter what you want to host, either simple WordPress sites or web apps; you can always take advantage of Managed cloud hosting. You will get better performance and features for every dollar spent; it is a definite bang for your bucks.

So, you don’t need to worry about the installation, security, backup, speed optimization, site audit, server uptime monitoring, and much more technical tasks. Just sit back and look into the business development.

I hope you now aware of buying the managed cloud hosting server for your WordPress business site. Do you still have any doubt? I have been using the Cloudways managed cloud hosting for the past two years, and in simple words, I could say that I’m enjoying the stress-free hosting experience with the managed cloud hosting. 


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