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Why Have I Chosen The Cloud Hosting For WordPress?

Through this blog article, I would like to explain the benefits of using Cloud hosting for WordPress sites which would help you understand its features and flexible nature. 

As the WordPress is a leading Content Management System, it has huge fans and users all over the world. Most of the websites are being run by WordPress CMS. It has a wide variety of features, and the functionalities can also be extended. 

It is excellent that you too use the same content managing platform for your business site and thus you are here! Am I right? 

When we want to buy the best hosting for WordPress, we will surely get into the dilemma in selecting the right one as there exist hundreds of genuine web hosting providers in the market. 

Not only the several hosting providers, but we also have different types of hosting choices like Shared, VPS, Dedicated, Cloud, Managed, etc.!

So, which type of hosting should you get for WordPress?

My Experience With Web Hosting Companies

I have experienced almost all the web hosting types from my beginning of the online career. At first, I used to host my website on a free hosting platform and later I found that it was a crappy one.

Then, I shifted my blog to Shared Hosting, and it gave me a real head start which handled all my basic hosting needs. However, when my website traffic has increased a lot, I have switched to VPS hosting with dedicated IP. 

The dedicated hosting gave me more space and more resources, but I found hassle while maintaining the technical part. Thus, I hired a tech-savvy person to handle the work, but I had to allocate more budget for outsourcing the tasks. 

To get escape from the technical tasks and outsource headache, I have started using Managed WordPress hosting. There, you don’t need to do anything; the support team will take care of the technical matters and speed optimization. However, it costs me high.

Finally, I have heard about the Cloud hosting and moved to it. As a result, I got a nice opportunity to tweak my online life to the improved level.

Yeah, the Cloud server hosting gave the solutions for my difficulties and boomed my website effectively. I am happy to switch my other WordPress sites to Cloud hosting plans. 

So, Web Hosting Vs Cloud Hosting, Which is the best?

Let me tell the essential details of Cloud web hosting that impressed me a lot so that it will help you conclude the server type for your WordPress site.

What Is Cloud Hosting?

cloud hosting for WordPress

A Cloud hosting is a type of web hosting that works based on multiple servers (Cluster of servers) and has the Virtual Dedicated Servers for hosting the website data and transfer purpose.

It doesn’t rely on any physical hardware and performs a faster action with no downtime as it jumps to the next server when the existing server looks overloaded.

It is meant for scalability and reliability as the users pay only for the hosting space and bandwidth used. It also extends the data bandwidth quota whenever needed which never let the website down anytime.

Moreover, the cloud server hosting server type has sufficient load balancing components that will not get affected by the performance of other servers. 

The Cloud-based hosting is the most suitable hosting type for WordPress websites as it could optimize the whole things for the CMS entirely.

Is Cloud Hosting Better Than Traditional Hosting?

Absolutely Yes!

I can explain why the Cloud web hosting is superior to all the hosting types

The below essential factors prove the superiority of the cloud hosting


WordPress Cloud server hosting price is less than you think. Yeah, I’m paying for what I utilize, and I don’t need to worry about the hardware maintenance. The dedicated server and VPS would be costlier, and you need to pay for the full resources.

More Secure

How secure is Cloud hosting? It is more secure while comparing with the other hosting type as it follows the robust principals that could handle the natural disasters and service outages. Thus, I can stay away from the data theft as there isn’t any physical storage of data.

Handles More Traffic 

Cloud technology based hosting handles more traffic and allows me to expand the resource without any downtime of the website. So, it can handle my sites’ traffic spikes at times. 


In the case of emergency, the immediate resource allocation is possible in Cloud server hosting. I can easily add or lessen the Bandwidth & Memory storage that is being handled by the several servers. Hence, I can scale and extend my business growth through the Cloud web hosting performance. 

Improves Performance

The Cloud-based hosting let me smile as they are adaptable to the current situation and more rapid as well. Thus it is more likely for me to build a WordPress optimized site that loads blazing fast under seconds. 

Suitable For Web Apps & Scripts

Running a SAAS, IAAS, Web Apps, Auto scripts like WordPress, Joomla and more could be done with the Cloud Hosting server without any flaws. According to my experience, Cloud server hosting is well suitable for WordPress!

No Hardware Failure

As this flexible hosting type runs on the cloud computing environment, it will not get suffer from the hardware problems. So, my websites can not only be enhanced fast and secure, but more stable as well. 

Global Access

Since the Cloud hosting servers are not confined to a fixed place, it gives me the universal access feasibility, and I don’t need to depend on the server location to boost the site speed.   

No Downtime

How reliable is the Cloud hosting is a million dollar question! 

As you know that the Cloud web hosting runs based on the cluster of servers and capable of switching to the new server during overload, it will never make your website face any issues. The downtime issue will not occur at any time due to cloud computing technology.


Cloud servers are software independent! They are efficient, smooth, easy to manage, cost-effective and has an error-free operation without any compromise in the quality. 

If you are looking for the convenient, quick, stable and reasonably priced hosting for WordPress, then Cloud-based hosting type should be your preference.

So, you come to know What is Cloud web hosting and why I have chosen Cloud hosting for WordPress. 

The features of this advanced hosting type would sure make you try them for your WordPress/blog without any doubt.

You might think which best Cloud hosting providers that I recommend!

I personally use Hostgator Cloud, Cloudways, and  Digital Ocean for my WordPress blogs and Client sites.

These cloud-based hosting are excellent and worth for the money that we pay!


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